Club Personnel

Below you can view our club personnel structure with contact information. If you wish to contact us then please visit our contact page.

Club Officials

Position Name Telephone Email
Chairman Terry Doe 07786911531 [email protected]
Vice Chairman Connor Doe 07827994948 [email protected]
Club Secretary Chris Kirby 07867794525 [email protected]
Club Treasurer Rebecca Pengelly 07739422876 [email protected]
Child Welfare Office Diane Butler 07519193695 [email protected]
Tourney Organiser Chris Kirby 07867794525 [email protected]

Team Officials

Team Staff Member Telephone Email
U7 Phillip Davies 07521193738 [email protected]
U8 Unconfirmed
U9 Baz Presland 07525344807 [email protected]
U10 Jim Legg 07548588919 [email protected]
U11 Chris Kirby 07867794525 [email protected]
U12 Delzar Abdulrahman 07538085011 [email protected]
U13 PJ Maher
Matt Lloyd Kerr
07808887461 [email protected]
U14 Greg Price 07500860332 [email protected]
U15 Connor Doe
Daryl Westcott
07827994948 [email protected]
U16 PJ Maher 07808887461 [email protected]
U18 Marcus Butler 07500131973 [email protected]